Bulga Complex

Environmental Management Strategy1.9 MB
Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Management Plan2.2 MB
Noise Management Plan 3.3 MB
Water Management Plan - Approved by Commonwealth3.8 MB
Water Management Plan2.5 MB
Erosion and Sediment Control Plan6.6 MB
Biodiversity Management Plan14.4 MB
Tree Felling Procedure - Appendix A Biodiversity Management Plan0.6 MB
Condran Biodiversity Offset Management Plan2.6 MB
Broke Road Biodiversity Offset Management Plan1.3 MB
Reedy Valley Biodiversity Offset Management Plan1.9 MB
Wollombi Brook Biodiversity Conservation Area Management Plan1.1 MB
Weeping Myall Biodiversity Offset Management Plan1.3 MB
Pollution Incident Response Management Plan2.1 MB
Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plan3.0 MB
Loders Creek Grinding Grooves Conservation Area Management Plan1.6 MB
Loders Creek Grinding Grooves Management Plan Stage 13.6 MB
Loders Creek Grinding Grooves Management Plan Stage 24.0 MB
Wollombi Brook Conservation Area Plan of Management1.7 MB
New Aboriginal Heritage Site Recording Form0.1 MB
Historic Heritage Management Plan1.9 MB
Bushfire Management Plan2.1 MB

 Bulga Surface Operations

Eastern Emplacement Area Management Framework3.7 MB
Blast Management Plan1.7 MB
Visual Impact Management Plan 2.8 MB
Construction Transport Management Plan - Bulga Optimisation Project3.1 MB

 Bulga Underground Operations

Environmental Monitoring Program3.7 MB
Greenhouse Gas Management Plan0.8 MB
Blakefield North Mine Construction Noise Management Plan2.3 MB
Air Impact Notification Procedure0.7 MB
Blakefield North Gas Drainage Management Plan6.9 MB
Air Impact Notification Procedures Appendices1.4 MB
Wollombi Brook Flood Levee Plan5.3 MB