​People are the most important asset at Bulga Coal and Glencore  is committed to ensuring every person returns home safely at the end of their day.

Every employee, contractor and visitor to our operations has a direct responsibility to protect themselves and the people working alongside them in every task they are required to do.  Minimising risk taking, improving general wellbeing and preventing injuries and fatalities is paramount.  

Bulga Underground and Bulga Open Cut develop annual health and safety plans which ensure the effectiveness and continual improvement of the health and safety aspects of our sustainable development management systems.   Our approach to safety goes beyond legislative compliance to assess, manage and address any potential cumulative impacts on our people and local communities, and any existing social and health risks associated with coal mining.


Glencore has implemented a program called SafeCoal which aims to:

  • Prevent fatalities by focusing on fatal hazards 
  • Reduce the total recordable injury frequency rate 
  • Streamline sustainable development systems which will drive continual improvement
  • Communicate and train employees and contractors in all aspects of SafeCoal particularly to raise awareness of Fatal Hazard Protocols.  

Employee health and wellbeing

To encourage the health, fitness and general well being of our staff,  we have implemented a number of programs to encourage healthy choices, promote awareness of injury prevention and the advantages of a fit and healthy lifestyle.    These programs include education, counselling, prevention and treatment programs relating to health issues such as fatigue, musculoskeletal disorders, diabetes, heart disease, influenza, obesity, nutrition and occupational illnesses.  Medical checkups and  vaccinations are offered to Bulga Coal employees. 

Research and development

Through our participation with the Australian Coal Association Research Program, Bulga Underground Operations has improved safety by automating its longwall mining system.   In order to create safer zones for the shearer and roof support operators, an automation system was designed reducing the need for operators on the tailgate side of the shearer.  Exposure by those operators to coal dust, noise and fly rock has been greatly reduced as a result of the automation.