‚ÄčReducing the visual impact of our operations and maintaining the landscape is important to Bulga Coal and our community.

The visual impact of the open cut mining areas is reduced by visual barriers such as tree screening and vegetated earth bunds along Broke and Charlton Roads and temporary rehabilitation of mined areas. Bulga Coal has also aerial seeded 172 hectares of overburden in 2013 with a further 130 hectares planned for 2013.

At Bulga Underground Operations, the majority of the infrastructure is located below the surface. However, in some instances it is necessary to have infrastructure on the surface such as gas drainage wells.

When infrastructure is located on the surface, earth bunds, tree screens and green enclosures have been used to visually screen them. In the case of gas wells, the visual screening typically consists of tree planting and a green enclosure.  We have also invested in hand painted gas wells, gas wells covered in photographs of the surrounding vegetation and camouflage decals in an attempt to improve the visual screening.

We are always looking for new ways to reduce our visual impact and have canvassed our near neighbours and community for recommendations.