‚ÄčThe groundwater monitoring system is designed to effectively monitor the two general types of groundwater located within the vicinity of Bulga Coal.

These groundwater resources are the alluvial aquifers of Wollombi Brook and Monkey Creek Place, and the typically saline and low yielding hard rock aquifers associated with the Whittingham and Wollombi Coal Measures.

Bulga Underground  does not longwall mine under the Wollombi Brook and Monkey Place Creek alluvial aquifers. Technical experts have developed detailed groundwater and subsidence models to determine the extent of the potential impacts.

Comprehensive ground and surface water and subsidence monitoring is used to determine the actual impacts of mining. The monitoring data is then compared against the model predictions to assess the level of impact.

Bulga Coal has a comprehensive surface and groundwater monitoring program in place which you can see on the map on the right hand side.   All water monitoring results are reported yearly in the Annual Review.

 Results from surface and groundwater monitoring are also reported in the Environmental Monitoring Report on this website, updated quarterly.