​Bulga Coal is committed to caring for the environment and maintaining biodiversity at our operations and in the broader community. Before open cut and underground mining commenced at Bulga Coal, all of the potential aspects and impacts from our mining activities were identified in the Environmental Impact Statements (EIS). The key environmental aspects at Bulga Coal were identified as:

  • Water management
  • Surface and Groundwater
  • Noise
  • Air quality
  • Subsidence
  • Blasting
  • Visual amenity
  • Aboriginal and European heritage management

Bulga Open Cut and Bulga Underground operate a comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) which provides a framework for managing all environment and community aspects, impacts and performance throughout the entire life cycle of the mining process. Within the EMS are management plans, procedures, standards, objectives and targets which help us continually improve our performance. Regular inspections and periodic audits assess our performance against these objectives and targets and identify opportunities for improvement.

A large amount of environmental data is collected to enable assessment of the Bulga Coal's environmental performance. The majority of this data is stored in the Environmental Monitoring Database. Environmental monitoring results are available on our website in report format and are updated quarterly.

Bulga Coal reports on its performance each year through the production of the Annual Review which is distributed to regulatory authorities and the Bulga Coal Community Consultative Committee. These reports are also available on our website.

To view our environmental management plans or monitoring reports, click on the links below.  

Environmental Management Plans

Subsidence Management Plans

Environmental Monitoring Reports including EPL Monitoring Data