​Bulga Coal has a number of initiatives in place to better manage impacts and reduce noise generated by the open cut and underground operations.

Mine noise is generated from the operation of mining equipment (dragline, excavators, shovels, haul trucks and dozers), blasting, conveyors and the Coal Handling and Preparation Plant. The levels of noise that can be generated from the mine complex are strictly controlled by our Development Consents and we are required to monitor and report on our performance against these conditions.

Our initiatives include:

  • Noise attenuated equipment.  An attenuated haul truck is up to 8 decibels quieter than a non-attenuated haul truck.
  • A real time noise monitoring network  is operated at 5 locations selected to be representative of the Fordwich, Bulga, Broke and Milbrodale localities. This data is recorded continuously and is reported real-time to our 24 hour control room. The monitoring results are used to assist with the reduction of noise impacts within the community. This includes noise alarms that are set to trigger a review of the operation prior to noise levels reaching our development consent criteria.
  • Bulga Coal is building a Noise and Visual Bund which will act as a ridge between our open cut operations and our neighbours in the villages of Broke, Milbrodale and Bulga.
  • The outer face of the Noise and Visual Bund will be built daytime only and is expected to take around 4 years to complete.
  • The installation of haul road noise bunds in exposed areas above RL 80m where feasible to approximately 4.5m above the existing level to reduce noise emanating to the west of the operations.

Monitoring of noise

Noise monitoring at Bulga Coal is undertaken in accordance with the Noise Management Plan  and is designed to comply with the noise control conditions in the Bulga Open Cut and Underground development consents. Noise monitoring includes the following:

  • Attended monitoring of 8 sites on 3 nights over a 3 month period for a duration of 15 minute. The results are reported quarterly and available here;
  • Monitoring is undertaken by specialist consultants, Global Acoustics
  • Monitoring of 8 sites in accordance with Office of Environment and Heritage- Industrial Noise Policy guidelines and AS 1055 'Acoustics, Description and Measurement of Environmental Noise'
  • Monitoring of atmospheric conditions
  • Additional noise monitoring triggered by complaints; and
  • Real-time monitoring.

The Noise Monitoring Reports are updated quarterly and are available on this website. Results for the year are also included in the Annual Review.

Equipment shut down to minimise noise impacts

The following report shows the number of times that equipment (such as digger units) were shut down to minimise noise impacts at Bulga Open Cut.