‚ÄčThe Bulga Complex is restoring a River Red Gum ecological community by the Wollombi Brook.

The River Red Gum once graced the banks of the Wollombi Brook and Monkey Place Creek.  There are now only a handful of these majestic trees left in the Broke area.

Seeds were collected from existing red gums and propagated in a nursery.  In Stage 1, the river red gums were planted near the river bank as tube stock in winter 2009. Around 2,000 shrubs and trees were planted in total to create the River Red Gum ecological community. Stage 2 planting was carried out in 2010 following the observed initial success of the first plantings.  Stage 3 and 4 were completed in winter 2011 to supplement the existing stages and promote habitat connectivity. This community is being constructed consistent with Hunter Floodplain River Red Gum Woodland.  The River Red Gum community has been planted on a total of 16 hectares of alluvial land at Fordwich. Around 8,000 trees and shrubs have been planted.