‚ÄčThe Bulga Complex currently manages approximately 6,000 hectares of land.  Non-mining areas include cattle grazing areas, vineyards, olive groves, native bushland and conservation areas.

The overall objective is to coordinate sustainable land and biodiversity management practices across our properties.  The key objectives of our land management activities include:

  • Maintaining the rural character and landscape amenity of the area
  • Operating our properties in a manner which supports the local rural industries
  • Weed and feral animal control
  • Careful grazing management
  • Sediment and erosion control
  • Promoting natural regeneration to enhance biodiversity

Biodiversity activities at the Bulga Complex include rehabilitating areas disturbed by mining activities; restoring previously grazed farming land; native vegetation seed collection and propagation; recreating corridors of natural vegetation to encourage plant and animal habitats; and flora and fauna monitoring.